The Law Office of Julia Lamanna has over twenty three years of experience in the preparation and filing of extraordinary ability, outstanding researcher, national interest waiver and other employment-based permanent residence petitions, as well as the following temporary status petitions:


        extraordinary ability (O-1)

        specialty occupation (H-1B)

        trainee (H-3, J-1)

        student (F-1, M-1)

        media representative (I)

        intracorporate transferee (L-1)

        treaty trader and investor (E)

        NAFTA (TN)

        visitor (B1/B2)

.     religious worker (R-1)


The Law Office of Julia Lamanna has provided services to clients in a wide variety of technological, financial, academic, religious, athletic and arts-oriented fields, including temporary and permanent residence solutions for actors, directors, photographers, dancers, musicians and other professionals in the entertainment industry.

We have extensive experience in the filing of employment and family-based matters and naturalization cases as well, along with the representation of clients at USCIS District Office interviews. 
Legal services are provided in English and Italian and we are conversant in Spanish.

With a near 100% approval rate on over 2300 cases, our client referral rate is second to none.


The Law Office of Julia Lamanna
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