"Julia recently took control of a complicated situation I was in regarding my personal attempt to amend my working visa. At our initial meeting she explained clearly my position and offered immediate advice. I had no hesitation in engaging her to assist in resolving my problem, which resulted in me applying for a new visa abroad. She was extremely thorough in preparing a new application, willingly discussed any concerns I had, presented me my options and their consequences, whilst offering advice throughout the process.

I was successful in receiving a new visa. The documents Julia prepared on behalf of my employer were extremely well written and presented - adequately demonstrating that I met the criteria for the E3 visa. In addition, she also made me aware that I was being underpaid - and assisted in me receiving another $8000 per annum from my employer - this was well beyond her call of duty and for this i am extremely grateful. I highly recommend Julia Lamanna. I was in a stressful situation without understanding how complex immigration law is. In the future I will without doubt call on Julia for any further immigration issues." Annika B. - E-3 visa, Graphic Designer

"Julia did an amazing job on my case. She worked so hard and I had no doubt that her effort would have make a great success. My visa was a hard process collecting all my letters of support. And despite the dark times we went through because of this, she always kept her attitude positive and focused on the goal. She encouraged me so many times even when I though I couldn't make it. She went through all my documents, revising them and making sure everything was 100% correct, before filing my case. She come up with so many excellent suggestions that made my case a very successful one. I am thankful to her because I am finally in a legal status, and most of my worries are gone. My visa was approved even before then what we were expecting! No extra questions were made by the immigration service, none of the documents were revised or sent back. I think her talent as a lawyer is represented by her patience and understanding as well as being extremely professional, focused, hard working and brilliant." Michela M. – B2 status extension, O-1 extraordinary ability visa, Cartoon Artist
"Julia is great and we would highly recommend her to anyone in need of an immigration lawyer. She explained everything step by step and we were able to go through the process smoothly." 
Robert and Mi Hyun K.  – marriage based petition

"Working with Julia was a very nice experience. She is a very passionate and precise attorney. I must say it was my best experience! She speaks English and Italian fluently and this is very helpful. She is very competent and a very nice person." Giuli C. - O-1 extraordinary ability visa, Environmentalist

"After consulting with a few lawyers for matters of a TN Management Consulting visa, as a Canadian citizen working in NYC, I found Julia was knowledgeable and creative on the subject of immigration. Julia displayed a great level of customer service and confidence in her ability to state a strong case. She is a brilliant writer and cares very deeply for her clients. She is also very detailed and thorough in her work. This combination along with her creativity makes her a professional, enthusiastic, and an effective lawyer. I am also going to work with Julia on a business visa next, simply due to the satisfaction and the results I have achieved." Adam D. - TN visa, Management Consultant 

"I just got my Green Card and I could not achieve this without Julia - her support, knowledge, attention to detail and determination really helped me to gather and submit all needed documents. When I got to my interview, the officer had already decided to sign off on my Green Card and she said we submitted an excellent file that made her decision easy. All the hard work paid off. Julia is the best! I recommend her to everyone."  Katerina R.  – waiver of the joint filing requirement to remove conditions on permanent residence (based on good faith marriage terminated in divorce)

"As the Human Resources Director for a multi-national corporation, I have always relied on large law firms for our immigration needs.  Two years ago, after experiencing a denial based on an apparently overlooked technicality, I reluctantly decided to take my colleague's recommendation & called Ms. Lamanna . Not only did she rectify the issue, she won my hard-to-earn confidence.  I have been relying on her ever since for all of
our immigration needs with absolutely 
no regrets.

I have been in this position for over seventeen years and have had the opportunity to work with many attorneys in a wide variety of matters. Rarely do I find one as personable, professional, attentive, & thorough as Ms. Lamanna. I am never disappointed with her advice, her follow-through, her patience and her willingness to help me interact effectively with our employees when needed.  It’s almost as if she is part of our staff. 

I highly recommend Ms. Lamanna for any company with immigration needs. I am
certain you will be as impressed as I am."
Martin S. - various employee H-1B visas and labor certification applications; I-9 employee compliance 

"Julia has a very good knowledge of the current immigration policies/procedures regarding any type of immigration visas and glitches with paperwork in the US. She advised me a few years back when I was getting my green card and now I have been getting her advice on applying for citizenship. She is very professional, meticulous and never forgets the minor details. She is quick, concise and willing to help."
Marian O. – marriage-based permanent residence petition, citizenship application

"I made 5 visas here in the United States and I'm going for the 6th one. This is the third time I am making a visa with Miss Lamanna, I have an O-1 status as extraordinary ability and without her help I would not ever get this visa!! She's simply outstanding!" Duccio D. -  J-1 trainee visa,  O-1 extraordinary ability visa, Renaissance Sculptor 

“We were wonderfully pleased with the quality of legal representation we received from Ms. Julia Lamanna and her law firm concerning our recent Immigration filing. Personal interaction and first hand knowledge of your unique situation is something you won't find at a large law firm; however, you will find it with Julia Lamanna. I would definitely recommend Ms. Lamanna and her services.” Daniel & Monica M. –marriage-based permanent residence petition; petition to remove conditions on permanent residence

“On a scale of 0 to 10, 10 being the perfect score, I give Julia a 10!!

Not only because we were successful on the application but also because I felt I was working with an attorney who really knew the process and a professional I could completely trust. I sincerely recommend others to work with her on their applications!”

Javier A. - O-1 extraordinary ability visa, Dancer & Choreographer

"Her personal attentiveness along with knowledge of the law are second to none." Jose M. - H-1B visa, Software Engineer

“During the process of working with Julia, there are a few things that clearly stood out about her work ethic... First, how she paid attention to details, which is often crucial in a complicated case... Her precision in everything she did, whether it be writing or research, and, finally, I knew I could get in touch with Julia any time of the day... whenever I needed to.


Throughout the process, we also became good friends and Julia came to our wedding! There are certain paths you cross and are thankful you did.  While our waiver was not by any means of imagination simple and fast - looking back, I am so grateful I had a chance to work with Julia on this life-changing case.” Marina B. – waiver of the J-1 two year foreign residence requirement based on extreme hardship.


"For me it was very helpful working with Julia for my visa. She answered all
of my questions before, during and after the process and considering I didn't
know anything about it, her help was essential. Of course, the fact that she
can speak Italian also helped a lot." Alessia C. – B-1 business visitor visa

"What can I say other than OUTSTANDING Lawyer. She has unbelievable patient and knowledge of immigration laws. I mean she knows EVERYTHING that needs to be known. She is very professional and kind. When you talk to her, you don't notice that you are talking to a lawyer at all, more like a friend and that builds up a lot of trust. I will recommend her anytime! She is a professional lawyer that doesn't only want you money, she cares about your case and want's you to succeed in life. Thank you! " Erling I. - O-1 extraordinary ability visa, Website Designer and Corporate Image Management Specialist

"First and Foremost my wife Sofia and I want to thank Ms. Julia Lamanna for taking the time out to help and guide us through a very strenuous time. Some may think that the process of immigration is easy but its not, it can be very time consuming and without proper guidance it can be very embarrassing. Julia led us down each milestone with professionalism, she informed us on what to expect and how to deal with every obstacle that came our way. This made our journey easy and relaxed, for we knew what to expect and also how to react.

Once you have Julia on your side it is like having a "Hot Fudge Sunday with Whipped Cream" and when your goal is achieved, Julia becomes the "Cherry on Top".... Thank you again." Frank and Sofia O. – marriage-based permanent residence petition

"Julia worked on my case when my status changed from an H1B visa to an O visa. It was a delicate transition that needed good writing. Julia was so applied and wonderful to work with that it made a world of difference for my case. I am forever grateful to her for that." Remy R. - O-1 extraordinary ability visa, Jewelry Designer

"Julia helped me obtain my temporary green card.  As her clients, my husband and I were very happy with her diligence, competence and professionalism.  The whole process went as smoothly as she had promised us and for this we are grateful for her great and reliable work. "Saori O-M. - marriage based permanent residence petition

"US Immigration policy is one of the toughest in the world. I was glad to find Julia to help me navigate through it with my difficult case. Julia was quick to respond to my first call and whenever I needed to talk to her during the process, she responded within few hours - the most. She has a friendly, but professional & thorough approach, which makes the painful process bearable."  
Mike H. - Permanent Residence as Outstanding Researcher/Professor


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